Photos of Handbrake from Spain


  • When i recived the handbrake at home and installed it, i checked that it was a little short and TSS Staff solved the problem quickly finding a solutio. Great service!!!!!
  • About the product, you can see the pictures. Well built, strong and robust as a device. Quick installation . Quick setup and full adaptation in travel. Awesome!!.
  • Keep on going!!!!

Motion System

We are working in our next motion system (for our Cockpit Genesis and other differents). We hope it will be available at the end of this year. 2DOF or 3DOF, Motion System for all cockpit (Not Seat)

25 cm aprox. of travel, 12,5 cm neutral position. And less of 0,8 seg from end to the end.

Stay tuned.

pd=In the render photos, we have only included 1 screen, but it will be available for 3 screens, adding 2 profiles more with rotary system to fix them in the cockpit.

New version Brake Mod G25/G27 v2

We are sending the brake mods reserved.

Installation Guide Mod Brake G25/G27 V2

Changes of new Brake Mod v2

The reasons for the change of the system of flexible hose by one of copper have been due to some suggestions from some customers (very few), telling us about the variation (a little)  of read values when the house was excessively bent and also because some said they found it difficult placing the ouse with G27 cover. So it has been replaced with a copper tube (with an external aluminum reinforcement).

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