BackProjection Screen Genesis

BackProjection Screen Genesis

Many people have expressed an interest in this screen (backprojection with 2 or 3 projectors), so we’ve decided to improve its design and make 2 different models.

SCREEN GENESISOne model of linear width 125 cm, 30 cm deep and 45 cm high.

SCREEN GENESIS EXTREMEAnother model of linear width 140 cm, 40 cm deep and 45 cm high.

More news and photos will be available soon.


– The BackProjection Screen has been designed and manufactured with the finest modern materials, offering the possibility to enjoy a new vision, usually only available in expensive simulators at very high cost.

– Car Driving, Flight Simulation, Action Games (Shooters) and RPG (Role Playing Games).

– This system makes available to most Simulation fans something that until now was just a dream.

– It’s designed for using 2 (or 3) LED projectors, but is compatible with any type. They focus on the rear of the screen.

– It immerses you in the game with an HD image without shadows (conventional projection), with high contrast and can be used with a high level of ambient light and no screen divisions.

– Everything is a wide HD image (no monitor bezels or faceted straight screens) with more viewing angle than the human eye.

– The mounting system is simple: the structural part is ready for quick and easy mounting in just 5 minutes using only a screwdriver.

– The Screen is protected by highly resistant polycarbonate sheet.


Adjustable brackets for projectors.

We can make different types of screens according to requirements.

BackProjection Screen Genesis 600 € BUY
BackProjection Screen Genesis Extreme 700 € BUY

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